Oracle Agile PLM Integration (PG&C, Legacy system)

Oracle Agile PLM Integration (PG&C, Legacy system)

The client is a Europe OEM manufacturer implemented Agile 9.2 PC, PG&C and PSI modules. Typically OEM manufacturers are required to take responsibility for disposing, recycling, or re-using electronics that contain hazardous substances globally. In addition to satisfying FDA regulations and ISO standards, any company that sells electronics equipment in an international market is subject to the OEM manufacturing regulations in the target markets. Thus, this client needs to follow the regulation of Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) in Europe.

Agile Product Governance & Compliance (PG&C) is designed to help manufacturers manage product compliance, including the ability to audit the presence and amount of regulated substances used in their products, and to demonstrate that they responsibly dispose, recycle, or re-use parts containing those substances.


– Export/Import product data from/to Agile PLM system automatically

– Filling/Extracting PG&C data to/from Adobe form automatically

– Retrieving data from suppliers automatically

– too much labor work, very time-consuming and error-prone



– Process Extension.

– Agile SDK


– Adobe PDF forms import/export

– Automation server (Automation anywhere)