Oracle Agile PLM Integration (PQM)

Oracle Agile PLM Integration (PQM, legacy system)

This client is a Fast Food company with 1,000+ chain stores. The client implemented various legacy systems and Agile PLM PQM module to collect and analyze product and supplier’s quality data. Further configuration and customization were requested to enable Agile PLM to exchange data with legacy systems and external suppliers.

Challenge – Data exchange between Agile PLM and legacy systems – Data exchange format and method between Agile PLM and external users

Solution Staging table was introduced for data exchange between Agile PLM and legacy systems. Agile Process Extension and SDK were used to consume data in staging table and execute functions not provided by Agile PLM. FTP was used to capture data files in xls/xlst/csv format uploaded by external users and Apache POI was introduced to parse those files.