Oracle Agile PLM Data Migration

Oracle Agile PLM Data Migration

To make Oracle Agile PLM go-live successfully with enterprise legacy data, Data migration is required to convert those legacy data and migrate them into Agile Database.

We mainly can leverage Oracle Agile PLM Dataload, Fileload, Import and Agile SDK/Web Services to do that based on the data migration requirements. And no matter what tools to use, the migration process should always contain Data Analysis&Collection, Data Conversion&Validation and Data Load.

In this article, we will focus on when to use these tools to support Oracle Agile PLM data migration.

Agile PLM Import

Import can be used if the legacy data to migrate is straightforward and not big. And firstly the legacy data to migrate needs to be collected into a file whose type is supported by Import, and then user can launch Import wizard to import the data file.

Please note that Import doesn’t support all Agile classes, Agile PLM Import/Export user guide has clear description of supported classes for each module.

Agile PLM Fileload

Fileload is specifically used to migrate legacy files into Agile PLM file vault and attach those vault files to Agile PLM objects.

Agile PLM Dataload

Dataload is typically used for initial Agile PLM implementation to transfer legacy system data into the Agile PLM database. All legacy data to migrate needs to be collected and put into staging database in Dataload required format.

Please note Agile PLM Dataload is an “AS IS” tool and there will be no support provided by Oracle Support, which is clearly indicated in Agile PLM Dataload user guide. So experienced professionals are definitely required to use Dataload for data migration.

Agile PLM SDK/Web Services/SQL Script

Sometimes, it might be hard to extract data from legacy dataset into a table/file required for Dataload/Import. In this case, programmatic method might be considered, such as Oracle Agile SDK and Web Services. And clients also can choose SQL to access database directly.

However, please keep in mind that it requires programming skills and deep understanding on Agile shema if choosing SQL script and most likely it would take more effort.

Agile PLM Averify

Averify is always used for data validation. Regarding Agile PLM Averify user guide, Averify is a scripting tool that performs an integrity check against the PLM database and reports on specific errors. Averify includes a check for missing indexes and inconsistent data stored in the various database tables.

And please note Averify only reports errors, and does not attempt to fix them or modify your database.