Oracle Agile PLM Advanced Support

Oracle Agile PLM Advanced Support

When deploying Oracle Agile PLM or even after the go-live, unexpected issues might emerge, Some of which as follows might be tricky to identify and resolve but very serious.

  • Reliability issue
  • Performance issue
  • Stability issue

With above issues, the system would be very hard to use and maintain. And it would be a disaster to both system administrators and users.

Reasons for those issues are always complex and not straightforward. Based on our experience, they are usually caused by one or several of the following reasons:

Oracle Agile PLM bugs

Though each Oracle Agile PLM release is well-tested, there are always some bugs found later, especially in clustering or heavy-load environments. Clients might need advanced professional support to identify the reproduce steps, especially for stability issues to facilitate the process to get resolution solution from Oracle.

Integration/Customization application design issue or code bugs

Usually, integration/customization are required to integrate Oracle Agile PLM with external systems (e.g. ERP, CRM, etc) or customize Oracle Agile PLM to meet special requirements of clients. Those integration/customization might introduce risks to system’s reliability/stability/performance. Advanced support might be required to identify these issues.

Architecture design issue

Sometimes, improper architecture design (hardware capacity, network, etc) might impact system’s usability, especially performance. Advanced support can help evaluate the design and even do re-architecture.

Configuration issue

To deploy Oracle Agile successfully, the following configuration might be required as well

  • Agile PLM configuration
  • Middleware server configuration
  • Database server configuration
  • Load balance/Fail over
  • Network
  • etc

Sometimes, invalid configuration might cause serious issues, advanced support can help identify them.


There are some other reasons, not common but might happen in special environments.

For example

  • Improper JDK version in AIX environment
  • Browser type
  • etc

Advanced support might be required  to identify those unusual reasons as well.