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Oracle Agile PLM Performance Tunning

Oracle Agile PLM Performance Tunning

The client is a leading telecommunication network solutions provider listed in Fortune Global 500.

Agile PLM was implemented for requirement management. To comply with the client’s UI standard/requirements, a heavily customized UI system was built using Agile SDK and Agile web services. Though users are satisfied with usability, performance, stability and reliability are compromised by the customization. The client called from improvements on boosting performance, stability and reliability.


– Complex clustering environment
– Huge user base (100, 000+ listed users, 500+ concurrent users)
– Heavy Agile PLM SDK dependency


PSR (Performance, Stability, Reliability) automation testing was introduced to identify performance, stability and reliability issues.

A re-architecture was delivered successfully to improve performance. Different fine-tuning solutions were introduced as well, such as Agile schema access, Agile SDK API usage review, customization code tuning, data compression, etc.

Finally, the overall performance was improved 70% with 6 instances running stable.